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As a Salt River Project Solar customer, you can dramatically lower your SRP electric bill. Thanks to Inergy Systems’ energy solutions and demand control systems, we are the perfect provider to help you manage your energy in a smart and efficient way to ultimately save money your electricity bills.

Implementation of solar power for your home or business is the ideal solution, perfect for Arizona, and it is highly beneficial to both you and the environment. With the Smart Panel 3000, you have the perfect solar power system which is cloud-enabled for accurate data analysis.

Your monthly bill will reflect two distinct charges: the energy charge represents the total amount of energy you use per month; while the demand charge represents the rate at which you use your energy. You can reduce the demand charge on your bills by avoiding the use of multiple large electrical appliances at the same time.

Salt River Project, SRP, requires solar generation customers installed after February 2016 to be on the E-27 rate plan. The E-27 Customer Generation rate plan has a demand fee that is best managed by an Inergy Systems Demand Manager. By managing demand, SRP customers on this rate get the most benefit from their solar. SRP has an E-27P pilot rate for higher usage non-solar customers; that is a good option if demand is managed by an Inergy Systems Demand Manager and results in lower SRP electric bills as compared to the Time-of-Use plans for many customers.

Inergy Systems is an expert in our industry, working with homeowners, business owners, solar companies, and utilities, and we help you to reduce your power bills permanently. We have superior expertise in demand control and energy management systems and we will help you to identify the very best energy solution for your unique needs. Contact us today to explore your options.

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