Inergy Systems

Energy Management


At the heart of everything we do for homeowners is the ability to share the major loads (HVAC, pool pump, water heater, etc.) in such a way as to minimize their demand spikes. With more and more utilities moving to demand-based billing this basic function can significantly reduce your energy bill.


Our demand management technology helps solar customers get the most out of their installations and accurately determine the ROI. Our real-time analytics makes it easy for customers to track their savings and understand how their energy usage impacts those savings.


Inergy Systems is currently involved in multiple pilot studies sponsored by major utility companies to demonstrate the role of demand management technology for systems containing solar, battery storage and electric vehicles. Inergy provides both the hardware and the analytical tools to support validation and verification. We have developed to tools to provide regional demand control.



Energy Management Services are the core of what we do at Inergy Systems. We help homeowners lower their energy bills with smarter, more efficient use of load sharing for demand-based billing. We assist solar clients to accurately determine their return on investment, to track their savings, and to enhance the end result of their installations. We also work with utility companies on an array of pilot studies to explore the role of demand management technology for future applications within solar, battery storage, and electric vehicle industries. We also have the tools to provide regional demand control.
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