Inergy is Intelligent Energy

Intelligent Energy or “Inergy” is:
Productive energy which is consumed for useful, purposeful work and not wasted;
Uniform energy that is a well balanced demand enabling predictable and efficient generation and distribution;
Eco-friendly energy by being consumed sparingly with regard to the ecological footprint;
Less expensive energy by being forecast and well planned for.

At Inergy Systems we are all about Intelligent Energy.  Intelligent energy is good for the consumer, good for the utility, and good for the environment.  Inergy’s Energy Management Systems are a cost-effective way to turn energy into “Inergy”.  What we do is simple, but the way we do it is very sophisticated.

The Inergy Smart Panel™ Energy Management System extends the Smart Grid to your electrical panel.  It measures and analyzes your energy use, then it monitors and prioritizes your major loads, then it controls your usage and demand.  The net result is your lower cost of energy.

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