Smart and Friendly Technology for the Consumer

The Inergy Smart Panel™ is simply smart and friendly.  Both residential and commercial energy consumers now have the ability to clearly see the details of which devices consume the most energy, how often those devices run, when they run and how much it costs.  This detailed information is not available through the utility smart meter.  Beyond the limited capabilities of simple “monitoring-only” systems, the Inergy Smart Panel™ automatically controls the time-of-use and load demand by automatically adjusting load priority and set-points of HVAC systems based on a few simple settings.  Most utility rate structures are designed to increase the cost of energy during times of high demand and lower the cost of energy during times of lower demand.  The Inergy Smart Panel™ is simply set to match your utility rate time-of-use parameters and will automatically shift energy use from the higher cost periods to the lower cost periods and reduce energy demand.

Smart and Friendly Technology for the Utility

The Inergy Smart Panel™ is utility friendly.  By monitoring voltage and frequency in real-time the Smart Panel™ can perform a number of functions which help the utility such as the automatic reduction of major loads during brown-out conditions.  Peak demand is automatically controlled by the Smart Panel™ which reduces the load on the utility distribution system and generation supply.  At the Off-Peak transition time, loads can be set to a staggered start schedule to reduce the rapid increase in demand on the utility system.  The Inergy Smart Panel™ will accept commands from OpenADR gateways to initiate load reductions.  These advanced features make it a perfect match for the emerging Smart Microgrid market.