Inergy Smart Panel 3000 Single-Phase

The Inergy Smart Panel™ 3000 single-phase Energy Management System is an advanced technology Energy Management System that extends the smart grid to the electrical panel for both residential and commercial customers providing them the ability to easily monitor, analyze and control their energy consumption.

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Product Description

The Inergy Smart Panel™ 3000 single-phase Energy Management System is an advanced technology Energy Management System that extends the smart grid to the electrical panel for both residential and commercial customers providing them the ability to easily monitor, analyze and control their energy consumption.  Energy Use Summaries are periodically sent to your smart device as reminders of your energy use, cost and savings.  Alerts are automatically sent when you are reaching energy use and demand notification targets.  The power bill reconciliation tool provides you the ability to gain insight into where your energy is being used and how much it costs.  The benefit is to significantly reduce wasted energy and reduce your energy demand.  The Inergy Smart Panel™ can save you 20% or more on your power cost and is easily installed on existing electrical panels converting them into smart panels.


Measures and Analyzes Your Energy Use – The Inergy Dashboard is a simple and intuitive web tool that is used to view and analyze energy usage at the Smart Panel.  The top level summary view includes energy consumed and cost as well as temperature plots and HVAC cycle times.  The Detailed Analysis page includes charts that show what energy was used, when it was used, where it was used along with indoor/outdoor temperatures, set points and control states.  It is easy to confirm and validate energy conservation and demand management strategies.

Controls and Conserves Energy – The Inergy Smart Panel™ is a revolutionary leap beyond traditional “monitoring only” devices.  Each Inergy Smart Panel™ can automatically conserve energy by directly controlling loads on the four 30A latching relays and up to 12 HVAC thermostats.  The Inergy Smart Panel™ can be easily programmed to follow simple conservation rules or programmed to match the utility rate structures to automatically reduce cost by shifting energy usage to less expensive times and/or limit demand to minimize demand surcharges.

Notifications and Reports are sent to Your Smart Device – The Inergy Dashboard can easily be set up to send periodic reports and/or notifications of events to email.  The reports are sent on a periodic basis and include charts of energy use and cost.  The notifications are messages that are sent when a programmed event has occurred.  The events can be based on a large variety of parameters such as an energy usage limit, a cost limit, a low voltage event, a peak demand limit, etc.

Tracks All Rate Structures Including Time-Of-Use and Peak Demand – Utility rate structures can be quite complex with different rates based on month, day of the week and multiple times of the day.   When the Smart Panel is set up, the utility rate is selected and the Inergy Dashboard then tracks energy usage costs to the minute and will add the applicable tier and demand surcharges so it accurately reflects the utility rate structure.  With this accurate costing information, analysis can be easily performed to breakdown the cost of energy by time and location.  Several studies have shown that this breakdown information leads both residential and commercial consumers to decisions that result in conservation.

Reconcile Energy Usage with Your Power Bills – The Inergy Dashboard includes a utility billing reconciliation page to enable detailed breakdown and analysis of your monthly energy usage.

Power Shift™ Technology Automatically Lowers Your Power Bill – The Inergy Smart Panel™ controls loads and HVAC units which are easily programmed to shift load use to less expensive time periods, lower peak demand, or to simply turn off loads or offset HVAC set points when they are not needed to reduce wasted energy.  Once set, the control strategies are executed and will automatically reduce power consumption and lower your power bill.

ROI Tracker Calculates Actual Returns on Building Energy Saving Measures – Detailed Costing breakdown is useful in determining actual ROI of building energy saving initiatives and devices.  Within the Inergy Dashboard analysis page, a timeline notes when each conservation initiative and energy saving material or device is put into place so that energy cost can be compared before and after the measure was put into place.  Actual ROI is critical to prove or disprove energy cost savings claims or promises in agreements and contracts.

Compatible with All Common Electrical Panels – The Inergy Smart Panel™ is compatible with all common single phase and 3-phase electrical panels.

For Residential and Commercial use, UL Listed – The Inergy Smart Panel™ is a UL Listed device and suitable for both residential / commercial single and 3-phase electric panels.

Scalable for Large Enterprise Applications – The Inergy Dashboard web application supports a hierarchy of Inergy Smart Panels™ for the large building, the institution campus or the globally dispersed enterprise.  Analysis can be done by summation of multiple smart panels or comparison between smart panels.  Device control can be done individually or by grouping relays and HVAC thermostats simplifying control programs.

Precision Energy Monitoring and Analysis – The Inergy Smart Panel™ is designed with the latest technology for real-time precision power and energy measurement.  The Inergy Smart Panel™ is designed to match the accuracy of the utility power meter so the analysis is accurate and meaningful.  The real-time accuracy allows a variety of utility friendly options such as automatic demand reduction during brown-out conditions and staggered start of major loads at off-peak transition times.  The Inergy Smart Panel™ is hard-wired to the power distribution panel so there is no risk of data loss due to power-line noise.

Time-Of-Use Control – The Inergy Smart Panel™ is easily set to the same on-peak, shoulder and off-peak time-of-use periods as the utility rate structure.  The Smart Panel will keep track of energy usage for each of these rate periods and adjust energy costs accordingly.  The Smart Panel tracks months, days of the week, time-of-day and holidays so the rate periods can be set to perfectly match the utility rate structure.

Autonomous Demand Limiting – The Inergy Smart Panel™ can be set to limit demand without external intervention (autonomous demand limiting).  The effect of this demand limiting is to reduce the peak demand caused by simultaneous operation of large loads by time shifting them either by priority or round robin.  If an electrical panel has several large loads such as multiple HVAC units, water heater, clothes dryer, pool pump, and/or electrical heaters this mode is very effective in reducing peak demand and can result in significant savings on utility rates with peak demand surcharges.

Auto Demand Response (OpenADR) Capable – The Inergy Smart Panel™ is OpenADR capable and accepts ADR commands from an OpenADR client gateway which communicates with the utility to control the relay and thermostat assets.

Monitors Primary and 4 Secondary Circuits – The Inergy Smart Panel™ monitors 4 auxiliary circuits in addition to the mains.  Normally the secondary circuits that are monitored are connected to the 4 relays but these may easily be moved to other branch circuits within the electrical panel.

Supports Solar Generation and Net Metering – The Inergy Smart Panel™ has a 4th precision current transformer input for solar, wind or other generation circuits.  The Smart Panel can be configured to perform net metering and the generation circuit can be selected in the Inergy Dashboard analysis pages.

Controls up to 12 HVAC Units and 4 Secondary Circuits – The Inergy Smart Panel™ has four 30A latching relays to control large loads or other branch circuits.  In addition, the Smart Panel controls up to 12 HVAC thermostats.  The Smart Panel can be set to control the thermostat temperature and time and/or can be set to limit peak demand automatically.  In temperature priority mode, peak demand can be effectively lowered by time shifting thermostat cycles with only a short term 1-2 degree offset.

Forever Logging™ of all Minute Data – The Inergy Smart Panel™ stores all of the measurement data and control state each minute in permanent memory.  This prevents loss of valuable historical information which is very useful in the comparison and analysis of energy use.

Easy Installation and Set-Up – The Inergy Smart Panel™ can be easily installed by a licensed electrician who will follow the easy step by step installation procedures.  The hardware has indicator lights and a local web page to set and confirm the panel parameters.  At the web dashboard, a simple “add device” is performed to add the smart panel to the user’s dashboard.

Single and 3-phase up to 600V/2.1MW – The Inergy Smart Panel™ is designed with 3 precision current transformer inputs for single phase or 3-phase electrical panels.  A forth precision current transformer input is dedicated to a generation source.

NEMA 3R Enclosure for Indoor and Outdoor Installation – The Inergy Smart Panel™ is housed in a small metal NEMA 3R enclosure which is suitable for indoor or outdoor environments.  The high reliability design has no battery and does not require any periodic servicing.  The extended operating temperature range of the Inergy Smart Panel ™ allows for a wide range of outdoor climates that are suitable for installation.

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